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André D. Henderson Sr.

CEO/ Sr. Energy Consultant ⚡️, Advanced iNergies LLC

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Member since: 2019


(formerly Advanced NRG Solutions)

We work in Commercial Energy, Solar, Energy Management, Merchant Services, Recycling, Bio-Fuels, Waste to Energy, Wind, Tank-Less Water Heaters, Water & Air Purification, Power Line Conditioning & Energy Saving Lighting... all profitable!

Our company understands there are 3 ways to increase profits:

1. Develop new business (sell more of your products and/or services)

2. Increase the prices of your products and/or services 

3. And finally... SAVE MONEY 💵 

WE WANT TO SHOW YOU HOW TO SAVE MONEY ON THE SUPPLY SIDE (reduce the amount you pay per kWh) and HOW TO SAVE MONEY ON THE DEMAND SIDE (reducing your energy consumption).

We use strategic methods such as market & seasonal trends, how weather affects pricing as well as when to procure energy based on the price of the commodities used to generate the electricity.

A former Electrical Design Engineer w/ Patent's and a Product Manager for 9 years with Spectradyne (SpectraVision) a hotel pay per view video system provider before going to work for All American Semiconductor.


Proven revenue generating skills, as a Field Applications/ Field Sales Engineer.

I've incorporated management skills, synergistic selling (with Customer Support) and Component Engineering skills to succeed.

Proven design engineering skills, multitasking, and  project/ product managing capabilities.

Utilizing excellent communications and interpersonal skills I've taking advantage of a diverse technical background which allows me to learn and understand new technologies quickly.