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Alrun Wigand

Digital Strategist, Energy Queensland

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Member since: 2019

Bold visionary, strategic thinker, people-focussed leader, pragmatic planner, outcome-focussed manager, deep business understanding and political acumen - my well-balanced and powerful portfolio of skills and capabilities enables me to confidently and competently tackle any digital strategy, planning or enterprise architecture challenge. I have more than two decades of experience in digitally supporting three different industries (health, finance, energy) in two continents (Europe and Australia) which have provided me with a unique range of perspectives in diverse roles. Some examples are: Developing digital Smart Grid strategies, building and running successful Enterprise Architecture practices, teams and projects, managing real-time power control systems operations, designing and building industry-first business solutions and leading merger IT integration and alignment projects. A passion of mine is the transformational potential that advancing digital technologies will have for society's infrastructures and services, such as Smart Communities and Intelligent Power Networks. I'm currently enjoying working as a Digital Strategist in the energy industry, supporting a large Australian energy company to plan their future in a triple-disruption scenario (industry, market and digital).