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Dr. Alberto Ramirez Orquin is an energy expert with industrial experience encompassing a vast international utility engineering practice, including extensively the US and Canada; he held the project-engineer responsibility of one of the world's foremost transmission developments ever made in Argentina, for what he was distinguished by IEEE T&D Committee. His research interests are in energy systems reliability and the rational use of energy in a multidisciplinary context. He currently teaches Electrical Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico. Professor Ramirez Orquin has also taught both at Texas (UTA) and Lamar Universities. He is a co-author and general reviewer of the first edition of the EPRI book 'EHV Transmission Line Reference Book 345 KV and Above', a world standard reference; having also authored many IEEE (PES) Transactions Papers; he is an IEEE Senior Member and Member/Observer of NERC Task Forces and Device Groups dealing with Geomagnetic Disturbance (GMD) grid security. Dr. Ramirez holds a ME from RPI; and a PhD from the University of Texas (UTA).

He holds several US Patents on technology for GMD mitigation phenomena and device and methods to mitigate surges on compensated networks.