Member since: 2020

With a background spanning over 25 years of building businesses (on an island in the middle of the Pacific), Mr. Perkins recently took the helm of Instant On (IO), a battery, fuel cell and controls distributor for microgrid solutions after turning DR Microgrid into the number one Microgrid Integrator in CA. He helped DR Microgrid protect homes and businesses from the ongoing public safety power shut-offs by integrating advanced microgrids connected to demand response. Together these companies source technologies and equipment and design, build and commission revenue producing microgrids that allow a home or building to island itself and continue operations in the event of a grid shut down. This microgrid provides energy independence and becomes an asset to the utility company by providing grid support in times of high need by giving them access to clean, predictable power from the microgrid thus providing a revenue to the host customer.

Mr. Perkins is a highly sought-after speaker and has written white papers and op-eds for the industry and is quoted frequently in publications as a Subject Matter Expert. He has spoken recently at the largest solar and energy storage conference in North America, the largest B2B cannabis gathering in the world and in January spoke at the NAHB International Builder’s Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. He currently sits as an advisor to the California Energy Alliance (CEA) for their Demand Response Task team which works with the California Energy Commission (CEC) to update CA Title 24 policy for 2022.

  He has worked with and been recruited by some of the largest energy companies in the U.S. like Lockheed Martin Energy, ENERNOC, C-Power and GI Energy to service Commercial and Industrial client’s energy needs.