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Adam Rousselle Sr. Chief Executive Officer, Renewable Energy Aggregators Mr. Rousselle is a senior executive in the bulk electric transmission sector and a recognized leader in advanced remote sensing technologies for the energy industry. Since 1995, Mr. Rousselle has pioneered the use of applied remote sensing in the timber and energy industries. He is the principal inventor of eight (8) US Patents and more than 30 international patents. In 1998, Mr. Rousselle partnered with the NASA to develop remote sensing technologies that provided asset inventory solutions for owners, investors, and insurers of forestland around the globe. His technologies materially reduced the discount rate of industrial timber sales by 400 basis points, identified illegal logging in Indonesia and by 2003 Digital Globe informed Mr. Rousselle he was the largest consumer of commercial satellite imagery on earth. In 2005, he founded Utility Risk Management Corporation to bring deliberative intelligence and data-driven decision-making processes to create facility ratings and improve vegetation management for the Bulk Electric Transmission system. In 2010 Mr. Rousselle authored the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s (NERC) bulk electric transmission facility alert. His technologies have both revolutionized vegetation management and facility ratings for the bulk electric system in the United States. In 2012, after surveying more than 50,000 circuit miles of the nation’s bulk electric transmission system, Mr. Rousselle invented and applied new technologies to locate incrementally available transmission capacity. By 2013 he identified the relationship between incremental transmission capacity and the long-term financial rights associated with such improvements in transmission capacity. In 2017 Mr. Rousselle created Alternative Transmission, Inc. (ATI) to transmit electricity without wires. His invention, a disaggregated battery, transmits charged electrolyte via rail to provide electric energy during times of national disaster. By shipping charged electrolyte via rail, ATI can deliver electricity when transmission lines are out of service. Today he is developing over 150 hydropower and solar projects to provide highly available, grid-independent power for electric vehicle charging, hydrogen fueling stations, and wastewater treatment supporting reliable, clean transportation. Mr. Rousselle is a decorated combat-disabled Army veteran.