Member since: 2007

Stephen spent many years with the England and Wales Central Electricity Generating Board and then National Grid (NG), working in the fields of generation, system operation and the development of models for Generation Economics - Commitment, Scheduling, Dispatch and Ancillary services with the associated representation of Demand, Fuel, Market, Interconnection flows and Transmission stability and security constraints.

This included the restructuring of the NG SO Economics systems at Privatisation and Stephen was part of the team that delivered the NG New Electricity Trading Arrangements computing systems. Stephen was involved in the review of the GB Balancing and Settlement Code sections covering Generator representation.

After retiring in 2003, Stephen returned to NG one year later to help with the British Electricity Trading and Transmission Arrangements Project (BETTA - incorporation of the Scottish system in the GB wholesale market and SO functions), including the configuration of Generator and Supplier entities.

Stephen has also undertaken a small number of contracts for companies supplying NG with IT services in the Generation Economics area and even worked on maintenance at a 4 star hotel. 

More details are on my website which has a link to my articles on Future Power Systems (FPS), including the Smart Enterprise

Also the combined 'Bullet Point' Strategy for development of Local and Central resources, with Low Carbon fuel, for high efficiency Hybrid Energy Production