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I am a biofuel enthusiast. My dream is to convert farm waste to bioethanol be fed to spark-ignited engines to provide power for farm operations. I also wish to be able to collect the exhaust emission composed of CO2 and H2O, purify the CO2 to analytical grade gas, compressed to tanks. Then perhaps soon, I'll be able to study the possibility of feeding the collected CO2 to vertical hydroponic farms. I hope to augment the CO2 required during plant photosynthesis. This will be a water saving, space saving and sustainable venture because the biomass will always be available for the ethanol production. I'm currently working in Saudi Arabia, I was supervisor for chemical cleaning of pipelines, boilers, heat exchangers, HRSGs, or any carbon steel equipment. Then our company made me into a project estimator for chemical cleaning projects. They then moved me to our Special Projects Department as a chemist for our temporary ultrapure steam production for a Saudi Aramco plant. I already setup a room sized experimental conversion for biomass in my home country of the Philippines. My future interests include biobutanol and direct ethanol fuel cell. Hope someday I'll be technically apt to tackle hydrogen too.