Member since: 2022

Todd Gorgian is a Principal Research Analyst in the Energy Systems and Climate Analysis Group at EPRI. Mr. Gorgian supports research on the cost and performance of energy system technologies to support electric company resource planning and strategic decision making.

Mr. Gorgian's current research includes evaluating and applying endogenous technology learning curves to better understand future costs of current and emerging energy technologies. Prior to joining the Energy Systems and Climate Analysis Group in a full-time capacity, Mr. Gorgian led research on metrics and tools to benchmark electric company sustainability performance, electric sector sustainability and decarbonization goals, and next-generation sustainability metrics for strategic decision making in EPRI's Strategic Sustainability Science program.

Prior to joining EPRI as a Student Employee in 2017, Mr. Gorgian was an intern at a renewable energy financing company, where he performed research on state energy policy and conducted analysis to support the implementation of community solar and renewable energy projects across the United States. Mr. Gorgian holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Policy, with a concentration in environmental economics, as well as a Master of Professional Studies in Applied Economics from the University of Maryland College Park.