Member since: 2022

My passion lies in sustainability and climate change since the age of 16. After discovering Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" I decided to dedicate my professional life and a good chunk of my private life to being a part of the solutions to solve the challenges of our time in the field of climate change and sustainability.

That is one of the reasons that led me to co-found the impact investment platform Trine in 2014 with the aim of alleviating energy poverty while fighting climate change. We were one of the first social impact start-ups in Gothenburg (Sweden) and have a clear triple bottom line at the core of our business - doing business to enable People, Planet, and Profit. We have shown that this business model works and can be scaled. After 7 years, however, I decided to leave my company in the capable hands of my co-founders and employees and focus my energies again on the next challenge.

Personally, I am into continuous personal, professional, and spiritual growth and living a life of purpose. I believe in service leadership and that in the right conditions we all have a gift to the world that we all should embody.