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FAVORITE STORY: 'The Mc-Webcast'​

* Power outage, T-Minus 15 minutes to webcast start; laptop in hand, ran down the 11 flights from the office to the car and bolted over to the McDonald's next door. Connected to their 'free WiFi'​ with seconds to spare, launching the event on-time, albeit, out-of-breath. "Badap bap bap ba - I'm lovin'​ it!"


I am a seasoned webinar producer, content manager and editor. I have produced over 500 webcasts since 2006 as well as authoring a number of works on Energy Central, EnergyBiz and LinkedIn. I also coach C-Level executives, authors and industry experts on content, topic and speaking strategies.


* More than 20 years of utility experience; over 15 years in the Power Industry.
* Currently producing valuable website, newsletter, blog, social media and webcast content for electric power and natural gas professionals.
* Creating memorable experiences for clients and colleagues by going above and beyond.
* Quick action for issue resolution.
* Fostering respect through knowledge sharing and collaboration to get it done.