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Member since: 2021

30 years experience in a wide range of Fischer-Tropsch, gas-to-liquids, and X-to-liquids technologies and activities, including laboratory catalyst testing, catalyst and process operating condition optimization, pilot and demonstration plant design, start-up, and operations. Plant engineering. Economic optimization. Business development. Due diligence. Technologies include multiple different slurry and multitubular fixed bed FT reactor and catalyst processes, microchannel FT and hydrocracking, wax hydroprocessing, wax distillation and hydrofinishing, methanol synthesis, steam-methane-reforming, autothermal reforming, synthesis gas clean-up. Outstanding HSE record in managed facilities.

Specialties: Catalysis, Reaction Engineering, Reaction Kinetics, Reactor Modeling, Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis, Methanol Synthesis, Conventional and Compact Multi-tubular Fixed Bed Reactors, Slurry Bubble Column Reactors, Microchannel Reactors, Cobalt, Ruthenium, and Iron (Supported and Unsupported) FT Catalysts, Slurry Reactor Hydrodynamics, Trickle Bed Reactor Hydrodynamics, History of Synthetic Fuel Production, Intellectual Property and Patenting, Laboratory, Pilot and Demonstration Scale - Design, Construction, Start-up and Operations, Process Scale-up, Synthesis Gas Generation (ATR/SMR/POx), Synthesis Gas Clean-up, Small/Modular GTL, New/First of Kind Process Due Diligence, Process Economics, FT Product Analyses, FT Product Upgrading, VMGSim Process Simulation, Short Path Distillation, Batch Hydrogenation, Specialty Wax Testing/Analyses.. Extensive Network/Contacts.