Member since: 2020

I am an enthusiastic entrepreneuer and advisor for the transition from fossil to renewable energy. Based on my experience i am more involved with large scale solar, however i am aware of the upcoming challenges to minimize the impact of climate change. I am keen to connect and support each other in getting more things done than governments are actively supporting. Based in Germany, I am involved in projects on several continents, primarily Europe, I am Co-Founder of Suntrace GmbH (in 2009), a boutique style independent expert firm for large scale solar (PV, CSP, Thermal) and Storage (Battery/Thermal storage/etc.), comprising of roughly 30 experts. Since 2019, we have become a member of newly formed infrastructure advisory firm "Dornier Group", where we represent the renewable unit in the group. We operate independently and under the Suntrace name, and the three founders still retain an 50% stake. I am responsible for the engineering and operations of our advisory work. We provide services for projects under development (site assessment, conceptual engineering, feasibility studies, procurement support, construction monitoring etc.) for private and public clients across the globe. For example, we support - B2Gold in Mali implementing 36MW PV and 15 MWh Battery in an off-grid hybrid project for a gold mine - ADB & MOIT in Vietnam, as Technical Advisor for the first pilot auction in VN, based on a 120 MW Floating PV PRoject - Masen in Morocco, as Technical Advisor for 2x190MW PV & CSP solar hybrid projects with 5hrs full load energy storage (roughly 1000MWh) - IFC and EEP in Ethiopia, as technical advisor for Round 1 and 2 (Scaling) solar program (aggregate of 600MW PV) - ADB and MOE in Uzbekistan, as technical advisor for Sherabad 1 and 2 Projects, aggregate of 500MW PV