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I completed my Applied Economics Masters at UW-Madison in 2016 in a program was called Resource and Energy Demand Analysis (REDA). I gained a solid foundation in different analysis techniques, data management, and an understanding of how these skills can be used within the energy industry. I currently work at a wholesale electric cooperative as a load forecasting analyst. In addition to long term and short term forecasting, I also provide analytical assistance to our Members and other departments. I have helped in evaluating solar and battery project viability, time of use rate scenarios, and implementation and evaluation of smart thermostat pilot, to name a few. The energy industry continues to capture my interest and motivates me to learn more about the different aspects. I strive to hone my coding skills to manage and analyze data and used effective tools to produce visualizations and reports that capture important conclusions. With the rise in renewable energy technologies and big data, I am excited to be a part of the challenge of finding effective ways to use data to make smart business decisions, and provide value to the end user.