Member since: 2020

Seasoned International Financier. Qualified Solicitor and Barrister with strong financial risk analysis background. 30 years (Frontier Markets, Western Europe & Asia) Structured Resources / Project Finance in Mining, O&G, Commodity Supply Chin and Power Generation. Last decade have focused upon the ultimate "Resource" viz. Clean Energy, with focus on Distributed / Micro Grid / BtM, On-Demand/Dispatchable Energy via Low Emission / Clean Energy Solutions in RE (VRE+LDES / Geo/Thermal & Hydro), Off Grid flow of river hydro, LDES (so not Li-ion batteries), Waste Heat Recovery/Bio Mass, Geothermal Generation. Tech Economic Analysis of University & Govt Research Partnerships on Fuel Cells (SOFC) and Thermal Storage Solutions (Latent Heat Phase Change Materials). Project Economic Feasibly & Risk Assessor (to Dept Head Level of UBS Warburg London), pivoted to Deal Originator and Structurer. Work Life Experience on five Continents and five Islands.