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Mark Howitt is Chief Technical Officer of Storelectric, a founding director. He leads Storelectric’s technical and operations, minimising technological risk, maximising efficiency and environmental friendliness, and speed to market. He focuses on technologically simple solutions using proven technologies wherever possible. His degree was in Physics with Electronics. He has 12 years’ management and innovation consultancy experience world-wide. In a rail multinational, Mark developed 3 profitable and successful businesses: in commercialising a non-destructive technology he’d innovated, in logistics and in equipment overhaul. In electronics manufacturing, he developed and introduced to the markets 5 product ranges and helped 2 businesses grow strategically.

Mark is also a  United Nations (UNECE) expert in energy transition technologies, economics, regulation and politics – invitation here. Member of the UK advisory team to the IEA (International Energy Agency). Member of the Energy Storage Steering Group of the Renewable Energy Association.