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Michael Palmer (J.D., Ph.D.), Executive Vice President, Waterotor Energy Technologies. Mike manages the Company’s Intellectual Property Plan and its relationships with its general counsel and patent firms. Mike has 35+ years of experience in litigation (including anti-trust, trademark, contracts, and bankruptcy), dispute resolution, transactional, corporate, and entrepreneurship law. Mike takes the lead on negotiating and documenting business development contracts. A sometime speaker at international conferences, Mike has conducts workshops on managing legal jeopardy in utilities, negotiation, and corporate ethics for decades. An expert on the financial valuation of lawsuits, he is the author of books and articles on professional and corporate ethics as well as legal risk management, negotiation, and dispute resolution. Mike is the founder or co-founder of several start-up ventures, including Legal Risk Management, Inc., and has spent more than 30 years helping other entrepreneurs as well.