Member since: 2018

Owner and CEO of Dumais Consulting ( which provides expert ratemaking services to energy companies. Dr. Dumais is a ratemaking and regulatory expert who specializes on FERC-related regulation, including transmission formula rates, reactive power and other FERC-related items.  Dr. Dumais provides expert witness testimony and settlement and litigation support to further customer business objectives at FERC.  He has a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership with a masters and undergraduate degrees in business administration and accounting. Dr. Dumais has superior analytical and writing skills, well-developed character and the ability to achieve desired results. Areas of Strength: Utility ratemaking and regulation, including transmission formula rates, revenue requirements, financial issues, pricing, and incentive mechanisms as well as all aspects of the regulatory litigation process; electric transmission regulation, including rate incentives, innovative cost containment and risk sharing mechanisms; reactive power and other ancillary service revenue requirements; and identifying stakeholders needs to develop win-win solutions for arriving at settlements. Thorough understanding of FERC accounting, income tax accounting, operations and capital budgeting, financial planning, economic analysis, return on equity and cost of capital. Ability to communicate these complex items simply and succinctly.