Member since: 2018

Actively pursuing direct, forwards thinking team participation within California's 3 IOUs - Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas and Electric, with an in-depth understanding of the multifaceted risks present along every inch of the distribution and transmission systems. I am firmly of the belief, solving the natural/environmental challenges of de-risking fire ignition potential to zero are not mutually exclusive to the needs and efforts transitioning our distribution networks to high DER penetrated, fully integrated systems. While many prefer to distance themselves from these challenges or find opportunities to exploit weaknesses, I am compelled to address it head on, at its source through every resource imaginable.

Primary objectives and driving passion;

Integrate rapidly with existing organizations, companies or motivated professionals;

Multiply our collective team-centric impact in providing scalable, holistic solution sets;

Recognize regionally-specific challenges to be overcome; justly, equitably and with a high confidence in their economic viability across all metrics.

Reducing our carbon intensity in the quickest manner possible, with enabling technology-neutrality driving our decision processes for optimal, available today, outcomes.

Maximizing collaborative, team-oriented impact through the Intellectual Capital I amassed over the past 5 years at a financial cost/donation by myself in excess of $500,000 and pursued selflessly over 3 continents.

Open to all serious inquiries, recruitment &/or offers, from VC grade Start-ups to Small/Mid-Cap Companies or Organizations to daring global Energy Transition focused IOC/IOUs.

As all of our time is valuable, please consider a time-saving review of my professional credentials, experiences, accomplishments and references at www [dot] HansHyde [dot] com.

A visually stunning exhibition, through the lens of my camera (providing 25 years of "vicarious living opportunities" to friends, family and colleagues alike), of my energy-centric career can be experienced at www [dot] hanshyde [dot] strikingly [dot] com

I welcome all new connection requests, especially those from across all energy sectors around the world, and value the LinkedIn "Network" I have created & brought together over the past 5 years. 

Hans is currently based in New York (an energy transition wasteland), with no reservations to relocation (digital workspaces or brick-n-mortar offices).

Thank you!