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Mr. Horstman has thirty-nine years of experience in a broad variety of disciplines.  They include Public Administration; Electrical and Civil Engineering; Planning & Zoning; Code Development & Enforcement; Energy Rating; Energy Auditing; Construction Contracting; Quality Control Auditing; Energy Efficiency Program Management; Radon Mitigation; Environmental Compliance; Storm Water Control; Subdivision Development; Green Building Technologies and Sustainable Strategies; Green Building Consulting & Commissioning; Project Management; and Web-site and Publications Management to name a few.


Mr. Horstman has been a speaker and provided consulting services to several local, state and national organizations including The National Conference of States On Building Codes and Standards, American Public Power Association, the City of Falls Church, Virginia; The American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers; The Iowa Department of Natural Resources; The United States Department of Commerce; The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); The United States Department of Energy;  and The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and served as Executive Director of Energy Services for Western Area Power Administration of the United Stated Department of Energy.


Mr. Horstman is presently developing and bringing to market several innovative technologies.  Examples include Photo Dynamic and alternative medicine technologies, Plasma induction fuel saving technologies for internal combustion engines and stationary heating plants of all types, movie projector and camera technologies, speaker technologies, Efficient Bio-LED lighting technologies, energy storage, battery, and fast charging battery technologies.