Member since: 2008

Robin Bedilion is a Principal Technical Leader in the Energy Systems and Climate Analysis group at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

Bedilion conducts technoeconomic analyses and cost and performance research evaluating current and emerging power sector technologies to support utility resource planning and EPRI’s energy-economy modeling. She also manages EPRI’s Renewables Economics research area.

Prior to joining the Energy Systems and Climate Analysis group, Bedilion was most recently in EPRI’s Renewable Generation program, where her research focused on Renewables Economics, including current and projected capital, O&M, and levelized costs of electricity of renewable generation resources, as well as emerging technology trends and business models. She also worked in EPRI’s Technology Innovation program where she was responsible for coordinating and conducting EPRI’s Thought Leadership activities and was involved in EPRI’s Innovation Scouting activities.

Bedilion joined EPRI in 2007 as a project engineer in EPRI’s Generation sector, supporting work that included engineering and economic evaluations under EPRI’s Technical Assessment Guide (TAG), CoalFleet, and Renewables programs, technical evaluations of solar augmented steam cycles for fossil plants, and studies evaluating generation technology cost and performance options for international locations.

Bedilion earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Santa Clara University and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on energy systems from Stanford University.