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System Protection Control Director

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Location: Hughesville, Maryland US
Position Type: Full Time
Rqd Education: Bachelor's Degree
Rqd Experience: 5+ years
Date Posted: October 12, 2022
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1. Directs the development of the testing procedures of protective relay systems and transfer trip equipment for transmission, substation and distribution equipment to ensure proper operation in order to minimize outages. Responsible for maintaining relaying equipment testing records

2. Directs the development of local and communication-assisted differential, impedance, directional/non-directional overcurrent, sync-check, and voltage/frequency based protective relaying schemes for 230, 69, and 13 kV systems.

3. Responsible for NERC Relaying reliability standards and participates in all Reliability First and PJM Audits. Maintains protective relaying equipment testing records as required by the MD PSC and NERC compliance.

4. Directs preparation and checking of settings for directional and non-directional over-current, impedance, differential, under-frequency, over and under-voltage, and reverse power protective relaying devices associated with SMECO’s transmission, substation, and distribution systems.

5. Directs the investigation of highly complex control system malfunctions and determines required corrective actions and/or system modifications. Provide technical support to the Apparatus section regarding construction, maintenance and commissioning of substation equipment.

6. Ensures continual information exchange with the Planning, Distribution, Construction, Apparatus, Systems Operation, and Regional Distribution departments to insure proper information exchange to achieve optimal system performance and reliability.

7. Maintains information exchange with the Potomac Electric Power Company, PJM, and Reliability First to insure SMECO’s compliance with applicable regulations as well as to ensure continuity of protective relaying systems.

8. Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned and completes training necessary to maintain or enhance job performance.

About this Employer

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative was founded in 1937. Through the Rural Electrification Administration, the co-op received a loan of $165,000 to construct 175 miles of line to serve 600 customer-members. SMECO operated a generating plant at Popes Creek, Maryland, from 1938 to 1953. SMECO has had five general managers: 1938, Forrest Coakley; 1974, Walter H. Smith; 1989, I. Wayne Swann; 2003, Austin J. Slater, Jr.; and 2020, Sonja Cox. As of January 2020, SMECO served 165,000 customers and is one of the largest electric co-ops in the country. SMECO serves all of Charles and St. Mary's counties, the southern portion of Prince George's County, and all but the northeast portion of Calvert County. For more information, go to https://smeco.coop/