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Shift Supervisor

PIC Group, Inc.

Location: San Antonio, TX US
Position Type:
Rqd Education:
Rqd Experience: 5+ years
Date Posted: January 10, 2023
Reference Code: 8142
At PIC Group, Inc., our emphasis is on excellence.We recruit the strongest candidates in the power generation industry. As a global service provider, we continually seek talented individuals.

Title: Shift Supervisor
Position Type: Contract
Location: San Antonio, TX
Reports to: Operations Manager
Status: Non-Exempt

Job Summary:
PIC Group has an excellent opportunity for a Shift Supervisor in a fast paced and dynamic work environment at a state-of-the-art Research and Development Facility located in San Antonio, TX. The Shift Supervisor would report to the Operations Manager and be responsible for operations of proof-of-concept project that recycles plastic through a cutting-edge catalyst reforming process. The Shift Supervisor is responsible for all plant operations and maintenance activities during his shift, including personnel safety, equipment safety while operating a fluidized catalytic cracking unit (FCC) and other ancillary systems designed to molecularly change plastics into its original form. The Shift Supervisor will play an integral part in developing and maintaining a coordinated approach when directing operations personnel in the start-up, operation, shutdown, and maintenance of the feed and melt system, reactor, regenerator, main column, and all balance of plant equipment.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Direct shift operations personnel in a safe and efficient operation of the feed and melt system, reactor, regenerator, main column, and related auxiliary systems from inside and outside the control room.
  • Direct and oversee shift operations personnel in the proper start-up, operation, and shutdown of equipment, systems, and the plant in accordance with approved plant procedures.
  • Upon identification of faulty equipment or system operation, troubleshoot the cause and take proper corrective action to restore the plant to a safe condition.
  • Respond to system and plant emergencies in accordance with the emergency response plan.
  • Monitor unit air emissions and take steps to maintain within acceptable limits. Notify the Operations Manager of situations that may result in violation of established limits and/or regulatory requirements.
  • Monitor the activities of maintenance personnel and contractors working in the plant to ensure activities are conducted in a safe and proper manner.
  • Verify and authorize isolation and tagout/lockout of plant equipment as required to support plant maintenance, testing, and other operational activities.
  • Periodically audit the tagout/lockout system to ensure all required tags and locks remain in place, and program is administered properly.
  • Prepare shift reports as directed by the Operations Manager.
  • Observe and correct situations that are likely to develop into future operational problems or safety hazards.
  • Report and respond to chemical spills and leaks in accordance with plant Emergency Response Plan.
  • Direct and oversee shift operations personnel in the operation of equipment disconnects, circuit breakers, and switches.
  • Obtain thorough turnover from Shift Supervisor being relieved, including special orders and unusual operating conditions.
  • Review plant status and operating logs prior to taking over the shift.
  • Conduct thorough turnover to the relieving Shift Supervisor for special orders and unusual operating conditions.
  • Schedule and supervise tests on plant fire and chemical safety equipment.
  • Identify and authorize work requests for defective plant equipment.
  • Supervise personnel to maintain the plant in a clean, orderly condition.
  • Schedule and conduct safety meetings and periodic training.
  • Assist in training operations personnel.
  • Safely operate vehicles on-site as required.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Operations Manager.

Job Requirements:
  • Strong working knowledge of petrochemical or hydrocarbon plant start-up, operation, and shutdown.
  • Theoretical and practical operational knowledge of the fluidized catalytic cracking process, equipment, and overall system operations.
  • Ability to respond to plant abnormal situations, alarms, and emergencies such as fire, flooding, bomb threat, chemical spill, oil spill.
  • Ability to supervise technical personnel in a team environment.
  • Skilled in evaluation of employee job performance
  • Thorough knowledge of equipment isolation and tagging procedures.
  • Knowledge of the purpose and proper use of plant safety equipment.
  • Ability to lead a team in an industrial setting.
  • Strong communication, leadership, teamwork, and presentation skills.
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving, and organizational skills.

Physical Requirements:
  • Prolonged standing, combined with periods of walking the plant floor multiple times in a shift.
  • ADD Aux Operator standard requirements.

Education / Experience:
  • High school diploma required.
  • 2+ years advanced education in an Engineering discipline OR equivalent combination of training and experience is required.
  • 5+ years' experience as a Shift Supervisor in an industrial, petrochemical or hydrocarbon setting.
PIC Group, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We offer competitive wages and benefits. We seek out and employ talented individuals who meet the qualifications for each position. Due to the large number of responses we receive to our postings, only those applicants with the required experience and qualifications will be contacted.
About this Employer

PIC Group, Inc., established in 1988 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, is a global provider of service solutions to the power generation industry. PIC Group’s comprehensive portfolio of services supports all aspects of power project development including installation, outage, commissioning and start-up, operations and maintenance, documentation and training, and project support. As of March 2008, PIC Group, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation, a publicly listed company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.