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Journeyman Lineman/Cableman

Tucson Electric Power

Location: Tucson, AZ US
Position Type: Full Time
Rqd Education: Certification
Rqd Experience: Less than 2 years
Date Posted: May 17, 2022
Reference Code:

Tucson Electric Power provides safe, reliable electric service to approximately 433,000 customers in Southern Arizona. We provide the energy behind Tucson’s economy. We also embrace a spirit of giving, dedicated to improving quality of life in the community we have served since the 1890s. We’re building a cleaner, greener grid, with more wind and solar power than ever before, while maintaining safe, reliable and affordable service. Our culture is rooted in shared core values and shaped by a team of innovative, dedicated and engaged professionals who power our vision and make a difference every day.

Tucson is a great “secret” place to settle down. Our mid-size city of almost a million people offers big-city amenities – with a smaller town feel. To learn more about Tucson, visit this website:  www.tucsontopia.com

Candidates selected for testing will receive a confirmation at the email address provided on the application with notification of the scheduled date and time for the testing session.  If a passing score is received on the written test, candidates will be notified via email of their scheduled interview date and time.

**Dates are subject to change based on business needs, weather and unforeseen circumstances

Please complete the online application on the company Intranet under My HR / Internal Job Postings.  If you have any questions, contact Tiana Skaggs at 520-917-6622 or Tiana.Skaggs@TEP.com.          

Vacancies exists for the position of Journeyman Lineman/Cableman in Maintenance, Transmission, and Trouble. To perform all phases of construction, operation and maintenance of transmission and distribution overhead and underground lines in accordance with Company standards and other Company and/or governmental rules and regulations.

Please see the below job description and outline for the interview process information. 

Normal Minimum Requirements:

  • Must have completed an accredited Lineman/Cableman Apprenticeship Program or equivalent and must provide necessary documentation
  • Must possess or be able to attain a valid Arizona Class A Commercial Driver’s License
  • Must have a working knowledge of basic utility and/or T&D construction knowledge and familiar with safe work practices and operating procedures 
  • Must be able to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing with Company personnel and customers
  • Physical ability to bend, stoop, lift, climb and carry tools for extended periods of time
  • Required to be available to work overtime, shiftwork and in inclement weather

*PLEASE NOTE:  To be considered for this position, a resume must be submitted on the company Intranet, enumerating qualifications and skills.

There will be a three-part testing procedure required for this position. The first step is a written technical skills test followed by a practical assessment and a behavioral based core competency interview. Each step of the process must be passed in order to progress to the next step.

We are providing a study outline to prepare for the written technical skills test and the core competency interview.  The outline is designed to maximize test results and centralize study times in the areas listed below:

Written Technical Test

  • Transformer Installation and Connections
  • Lineman/Cableman Handbook
  • Federal Motor Carrier Register/CDL Manual
  • National Electrical Safety Code Manual
  • OSHA – 1910-269
  • General Industry Standard Safety Rules and Approach Distances Pertaining to Voltage       

Practical Test

  • General Tailboards
  • Climbing Skills
  • Pole Top Rescue
  • Bucket Truck Rescue
  • Simulated Energized Conductor Work
    • Change-Out Dead End Insulator
    • Install Cut-Out and Arrester
    • Change-Out a Conductor Tie Wrap
    • Terminate a URD 1/0 Elbow

**All candidates will be required to provide personal hand tools, climbing equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE)

Behavioral Based Interview

The interview is a behavioral based interview incorporating Tucson Electric Power Core Competencies.  In this process we believe that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior and more recent behavior is a better predictor of future behavior than older behavior, and that long-standing trends are better predictors of behavior than isolated incidents.  We therefore have patterned the questions during the interview to solicit behavior patterns that indicate with high predictability whether the candidate can perform the job as required. This type of interview is different than those that you may have taken in the past.

Core Competency Outline

  1. Considers the financial implications for each decision you make.
  2. Demonstrates an understanding of the cost pressures inherent within our business and is able and willing to take action accordingly.
  3. Seeks out new learning opportunities as well as sharing, identifying and acting on lessons learned from successes and failures.
  4. Sincerely, willingly and continuously reaffirms key goals or values.
  5. Helps detect and resolve team breakdowns resulting from change.
  6. Learns and develops new skills or behaviors to adapt to constant, sometimes turbulent change.
  7. Shows a willingness to take calculated risks to accomplish project deliverables.
  8. Shows flexibility with current procedures to effectively achieve a business result for a customer.
  9. Improves performance by applying concepts from other situations to a new situation.
  10. Is determined to succeed and maintains focus in the face of the challenges.
  11. Be able to discuss the Core Competencies.

Financial Intelligence

Possesses financial understanding and demonstrates the ability to foster and lead cost efficient initiatives without sacrificing quality or core values.

Develops People and Self

Views people, their knowledge, and capabilities as the organization’s core assets.  Supports the structures and policies that encourage employees to continuously seek improvement.  Creates development possibilities for self and others.

Effectively Manages Change

Accepts and successfully adapts to change.  Helps others adapt and remain effective.

Results Oriented

Is willing and able to be competitive and take risks in growing the organization’s profitability, while holding self and others accountable.  Seeks to accomplish critical tasks with measurable results.  Personally strives for excellence in performance by surpassing established standards.  “Under promises and over delivers.”

Position Description:
An employee who is a Journeyman and performs all phases of construction, operation and maintenance of transmission and distribution overhead and underground lines in accordance with Company standards and other Company and/or governmental rules and regulations.

Position-Related Responsibilities:

  • Guiding the work of Apprentices and Helpers working with them.
  • Assembly of utility poles and electrical lines and components.
  • Installation of underground conduit systems.
  • Installation of URD systems.
  • Connection of all types of transformers and other equipment used on overhead and underground lines.
  • Drive and operate all equipment to accomplish daily work and, and possess a CDL Operators license.
  • Perform switching operations and install “hold tags” on the electrical systems, as required.
  • Maintain a high level of awareness and responsibility for environmental considerations that impact them, their jobs and the Company to the level of their knowledge, training and experience.
  • Perform emergency service restoration
  • Perform assigned work in a safe and efficient manner in accordance with Company practices and procedures.
  • Ability to work overtime, rotating shifts and work in inclement weather.
  • This position may provide services to affiliates of the Company subject to the UNS Energy Code of Conduct and the related Policies and Procedures.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Company policies and procedures affecting the Transmission & Distribution Department.
  • Thorough understanding of utility distribution and transmission systems, both overhead and underground.
  • Knowledgeable about electric utility services, products, service requirements and construction standards.
  • Knowledgeable about codes, ordinances, franchise agreements and Blue Stake laws.
  • This employee will be qualified to climb poles and operate aerial lifts and other construction equipment, and will be expected to work on energized equipment at any voltage level in conformance with training and safe work practices.
  • Uses technical knowledge of TEP’s distribution system and policies to creatively solve problems dealing with both internal and external customers.
  • Ability to lead and work on a team effectively.
  • Demonstrate leadership and planning skills to move the Distribution Company into a competitive environment.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and written.
  • Ability to combine input from a variety of sources and make sound business decisions based on this information.
  • Read blue prints, maps, drawings, and work request packages.

All employees are expected and required to adhere to the Company Code of Ethics and Principles of Conduct.