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Director of Electric Strategies and Solutions

Longmont Power & Communications

Position Type: Full Time
Rqd Education: Bachelor's Degree
Rqd Experience: General Management
Date Posted: August 3, 2022
Reference Code: 20220319

Under the direction of the Executive Director of Longmont Power and Communications, serve as the City’s champion to integrate bold, innovative, cutting-edge solutions to drive forward thinking expansions of LPC’s electric energy portfolio. Plan, organize, and manage the Electric Strategies and Solutions Division, responsible for the creation and overall management of this portfolio, which functions as a singular system of multiple dispatchable Distributed Energy Resources (DER’s) supporting the dynamic, safe, and reliable operation of approximately 10% of Longmont’s overall energy consumption to enable and support a 100% renewable energy portfolio by year 2030 and beyond. Oversee electric key account services, residential and commercial customer programs and services, Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) programs, applicable grant application and tracking, customer connections, and DER programs, including, but not limited to, energy efficiency services, electrification initiatives, demand response, Electric Vehicles, solar (individual and community systems), and other creative solutions, systems, and programs. Position works closely with internal City and LPC teams and with external teams at Platte River Power Authority (PRPA) and the 3 other Owner Communities to meet these objectives.

Principal Duties:

-Train, develop, guide, and mentor employees toward excellent performance in a manner consistent with City values and expectations. Practice an inclusive supervisory style with people from a variety of backgrounds, ethnic or racial groups, age groups, personality styles, and genders.

-Build alliances, foster effective teamwork, and build constructive relationships within and between individuals and other work groups.

 -Oversee and direct the design, integration, implementation, and management of LPC’s electric renewable energy portfolio capable of the dynamic, safe, and reliable operation of approximately 10% of Longmont’s overall energy consumption. Emphasize cutting-edge and innovative solutions that incorporate creative approaches to meeting these goals.

-Direct the consolidation and coordination of virtual and real energy production and curtailment into a unified, dispatchable renewable energy portfolio fostering innovation, emerging technologies, and techniques. Leverage energy systems that reside on both sides of the meter that may be owned by utility, customer, and/or through partnership.

-Develop and implement programs for electric customers that inform and create interest and subsequent use of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) tools related to energy monitoring, management, generation, and other DER systems, rate offerings, and related programs and policies.

-Coordinate overall program work with Consolidated Services, in particular supporting rate systems, fees, offerings, rebates, and other financial tools.

-Coordinate, with Sustainability and other City departments, the planning, development, and implementation of bold actions to transform carbon-based community energy usage into an electrified future.

-Plan, organize, and manage staff to provide residential, multi-family, commercial, and key accounts with energy efficiency services, renewable energy options, DER solutions, and products.

-Oversee the development and implementation of DER solutions in Longmont, including benchmarking, Electric Vehicle charging systems and programs, solar systems (individual and community), energy storage, and other programs.

-Coordinate and identify commercial energy assessments and opportunities; identify energy-saving projects for commercial and key account customers.

-Work jointly with other cities, counties, Colorado Energy Office (CEO), PRPA, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the Colorado Association of Municipal Utilities (CAMU), American Public Power Association (APP), and various regulatory agencies on demand side management (DSM), distributed energy management systems (DERMs), DERs, energy efficiency, and other unique initiatives. Provide reporting results to community, partners, state, and federal entities.

-Build alliances, foster effective teamwork, and build constructive relationships with individuals and other work groups.

-Oversee the development of, and manage, Requests for Proposal (RFP’s), Requests for Quote (RFQ’s), related bid processes, external consulting services, and grant applications. Ensure monitoring of, and compliance with, all applicable state, federal, and regulatory requirements.

-Provide support to City sustainability efforts.

-Provide outreach at various events to inform, educate, and persuade residential, commercial, and key account customers on energy efficiency, renewable energy services, electrification, Electric Vehicles, and other innovative programs. Stay informed of state and federal regulatory policies and actions that impact the division and LPC.

-Track, monitor, and resolve customer concerns with high bills, metering problems, clearance and access issues, damaged equipment, street lighting, renewable energy, and other customer concerns. Provide rate analysis to identified accounts, upon request.

-Respond to difficult and complex inquiries and complaints regarding utility services and billing procedures.

-Provide outreach and education at various events with HOAs, realtors, and professional organizations to inform, educate, and persuade residential, commercial, and key account customers related to LPC initiatives and customer programs, including (but not limited to) energy efficiency, renewable energy services, electrification, and Electric Vehicles.

-Manage personnel actions, including hiring, promotion, disciplinary action, and separation.

-Prepare and/or oversee the preparation and delivery of reports, presentations, and recommendations to management and City Council related to Electric Strategies and Solutions activities, renewable energy portfolio, and reports.

Work is performed primarily in an office environment, but requires field visits and inspections. The job entails constant sitting; ability to read and understand detailed documents, blueprints, maps, and other printed and digital materials. Requires the ability to use language and math, reason and solve problems, communicate clearly and concisely with co-workers and the public. Must be able to work under stress, manage multiple tasks concurrently, and handle frequent
interruptions. The job also entails frequent light (under 5 lbs.) lifting and carrying, reaching and bending or stooping, twisting, driving, and the use of near and far vision. Work may require occasional moderate (15-40 lbs.) lifting and carrying, pulling, pushing, climbing, crawling and kneeling or squatting. Employees may be exposed to noise, dust, fumes, solvents, slippery or uneven walking surfaces, machinery and moving vehicles, working in and around water. The job requires working alone, as well as working closely with others.

Any combination of experience and education equivalent to a bachelor's degree from an ABET-accredited college or university with major course work in electrical engineering, mathematics, finance, statistics, economics, mathematics, business, environmental science, or a closely-related field. Prefer master’s degree in a closely-related field. Minimum of seven (7) years’ experience in contract management, renewable and distributed energy resources, energy efficiency, or
customer sales and service. Minimum of five (5) years’ supervisory experience.