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Covid-19 and the credit crisis

image credit: Risk and Enuit

Register for the webinar 'Covid-19 and the credit crisis' on July 8 at 10AM EDT. The webinar will explore the impact of Covid-19 on the energy market, and the strategies organisations can adopt to handle future demand shocks and credit risk challenges


Date: Jul 8, 2020

Time: 10:00 AM EST

Cost: FREE

With crude prices collapsing under the demand shock of Covid-19, credit has become a top concern for beleaguered US producers, marketers and industrial consumers. Now, more than ever, it is essential that firms understand the credit situation of their suppliers and trading counterparties and can assess and accurately communicate their own credit risk.

Register for the webinar 'Covid-19 and the credit crisis' on July 8 at 10AM EDT which will discuss the credit risk challenges facing energy intensive industrials, energy producers and traders.

Discussion points:

  • How can your firm improve its insight into credit risk?
  • What processes and procedures need to be changed?
  • What new information needs to be sourced?  
  • Setting up credit risk analytics and modelling 


Moderated by: Stella Farrington, Senior writer,

Robert Balinski, VP of Services, Enuit

Glen Mackey, Chief Risk and Procurement Officer, NRG

Roderick Austin, Managing Partner, CubeLogic

Scott Lapierre, Reservoir Characterization Director, Founder, Shale Specialists LLC


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