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Date Posted: September 13, 2022
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EnergyCentral.com is continually looking for new participants in our Community Ambassador Program. Members who can become Community Ambassadors are those who are passionate about the utility sector and the energy industry and are looking to take on a more active role in building and engaging with our Energy Central community.

Our network of Community Ambassadors are elevated members of the Energy Central Community who receive an inside view in how the platform operates, are encouraged to contribute their thoughts and ideas on how to improve the community, and are available to help us grow the community.

The Energy Central Community Ambassador Program was launched in October 2019 with an initial group of volunteers who wanted to help us build the value of Energy Central by adding in their engagement, finding new community content, and recruiting new members to be a part of Energy Central.  We know our community of 200,000+ utility professionals is already powerful, but with a dedicated volunteer team of Community Ambassadors we’re able to more efficiently bring in new voices, increased energy, and higher value to this network.

If you are selected for this voluntary role, you can participate in one (or more) of the following capacities:

  • Engagement Officer: Help the community by taking the time to comment on content on the site, ask questions, and spur increased conversation across Energy Central. We have such high-quality content that we know get incredibly great reach, but we want to help propel the dialogue in response to that content to the next level.
  • Membership Recruiter: Given the value you find in being a member of the Energy Central community, membership recruiters would share that value with professionals in the utility community who are not yet a part of the network and share with them the value you get out of it and try to get them to join as well. Our community is vast, but it’s time to bring even more of the utility industry to the fold to make the community even more valuable to all already in it.  
  • Content Curator: While we’d love for you to continue to contribute original content to the site, another key role in the program is the content curator who will keep an eye out for authors, speakers, and thought leaders (as well as their existing content) and invite them to share that content to the Energy Central community as well.

Essentially, if you were to become an official Community Ambassador, then you would accept a more active role in promoting Energy Central and adding in your insights. Additionally, we’re keeping up with our Community Ambassadors by sending them monthly newsletters, we’ve set up a Slack channel so they can all share with each other and they can quickly reach us, and we’re holding (non-mandatory, but highly productive and useful!) check-in calls as a group once every two months.

The benefits of becoming an Energy Central Community Ambassador include increased personal visibility and engagement on the Energy Central platform that will establish you as an Industry leading voice in your field (including via promotional materials that advertise who our trusted Ambassadors are); an increased ability to grow your network in the industry by creating invaluable connections with your peers; and above all, helping the community grow will only mean you can reap more value from Energy Central—and it can even be a fun process!

If the Community Ambassador program with Energy Central is something in which you’d be interested, please be sure first to ensure you have an up to date and completely filled out profile. Interesting in learning more and/or applying to the Community Ambassador program? Send an email indicating your interest, a description of your background, a link to your Energy Central profile, and any questions you may have to Matt Chester, Community Manager at MChester@energycentral.com

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