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Will booking subsea cable manufacturing slots a year in advance become the new norm for energy/utility companies, so as to ensure they can get the cable needed when required?

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  • Sep 18, 2020

With the growth of wind in the years to come, there are many challenges being discussed with Installation vessels being one of the key areas of focus. Another aspect you do not hear much about is the capacity of cable vendors to supply subsea cable.

I recall 7 years ago when ordering 45 km 230kv cable, the client was booking slots for cable manufacture a year in advance, so as to ensure the cable was available when required. If this was then, I cannot imagine with the growth of subsea cable required, whether this has got any better.

Who else thinks this will become the norm with energy/utility companies prebooking cable manufacturing slots a year in advance so as to ensure they can get the cable needed when required?

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Clearly yes, but I am not sure where this question is headed.  So niot sure I am am helping here.

The cable is just one element of an offshore wind farm.  Ordering ahead of time is a normal part of any power plant development. For instance, they will need a cable laying ship. They can be pretty busy too.

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