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A wide worldwide trend towards decarbonization has been noticed everyday. Europe is going to ban benzene's automotive . This will burden on the electric power systems. What if cyber attacks on these systems have happen here and there simultaneously ?

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  • Feb 12, 2021

Risk of wide spreading Electric Cars and Buses . Are we standing still at homes , on highways in case of sever cyber attacks on the electric power systems? Is There any back up . Old good say : do not put all eggs in one basket.

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The Future of Electric Power in the U.S. Congressional Briefing | February 25, 2021: 

 In light of recent events in Texas, To minimize the chance of large outages:

Overarching Recommendation 6: The Department of Energy and Department of Homeland Security should jointly establish and support a “visioning” process with the objective of systematically imagining and assessing plausible large-area, long-duration grid disruptions that could have major economic, social, and other adverse consequences, focusing on those that could have impacts related to U.S. dependence on vital public infrastructures and services provided by the grid.

Recommendation 6 to the electric power sector and DOE: The owners and operators of electricity infrastructure should work closely with DOE in systematically reviewing previous outages and demonstrating technologies, operational arrangements, and exercises that increase the resilience of the grid.

Recommendation 7 to DHS and DOE: Work collaboratively to improve preparation for, emergency response to, and recovery from large-area, long-duration blackouts.

Recommendation 9 to state offices and regulators: Work with local utilities and relevant stakeholders to assess readiness of backup power systems and develop strategies to increase investments in resilience enhancing technologies.


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Matt Chester on Mar 8, 2021

It's interesting that these specific recommendations don't yet specifically call out transportation systems being impacted by grid outages-- do you think that's just because there's still a long way to go until more electrification actually takes place and it would have wider impact to drivers? 

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Dr. Amal Khashab on Mar 9, 2021

Hi Matt,

My deep astonishment is the wide gap dividing thoughts and practices in a great country such as USA. I got the  privilege  to be a  new member of the NAP. Deep thoughts , but a far behind applications because thinking a lot about business models.

As you said , they will wait until wider impact to drivers, meaning learning by faults concept.  

I really don’t have much to add about the Cybersecurity front other than it is a big concern and the EV working groups that I participate in have subcommittees working on discussing the issues and future communication protocols to prevent hackers and attacks. My personal feeling is that as technology relies more and more on web communication for cars, buildings, grid services and utilities, there is going to be more need for security. These two things seem to be at odds with each other since more security means more firewalls and restrictions.

In protecting the grid, I’m not sure if redundancy is the answer. All of this comes at a huge cost to industry and to customers. Having worked in a power plant for 6 years, I think relying solely on technology needs to be integrated with hands-on experience and the ability to revert to less sophisticated methods if needed. This is kind of like auto-pilot in a plane. You still need to know how to fly the plane.

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Dr. Amal Khashab on Feb 27, 2021

Great. You catch the point : less sophisticated methods. Your reference to the autopilot which dose not ignore the know how to fly the plane in manual mode of operation is a wise say.

Also , as you worked in a power plant for 6 years , you might recognize the importance of islanding operation of an interconnected system, to keep the major components safe al long as you can. That what I am thinking about.

Thanks a lot for your answer .


That is a question that must have been started by big Oil.  It's been around for a while and doesn't have a lot of merit. First non of the gas pumps will work if there is a power outage so all vehicles will have a big problem fueling up. If it's an EMP blast most vehicles of all types have 5 to 30 micro processor that will be shot and they will not start or run.

    A great example is the big Tsunami in Japan. It caused the Fukushima shut down and there was no power for quit a long time. Many people relied on their 100% Electric Nissan LEAF to get around. They even hooked up to the battery with an inverter and did cooking. If they have a 300 to 500 mile Tesla Electric they could go for weeks with no charge depending on where they had to go.

   Nissan now has a optional V2H Vehicle to Home system for just that type of problem. I hear it is very popular in Japan. If they have Solar it is even more valuable and popular. More vehicles have the V2X option like the 500 mile LUCID electric vehicle. 

Nissan Leaf as Home Generator: Great for Japan, But Will It ... › MoneyWatch › Markets
Aug 5, 2011 — Nissan's plan is a clever answer to Japan's energy shortages. ... To be clear, the idea of using an electric or hybrid car as a back-up generator for ... The triple disaster in Japan -- earthquake-tsunami-Fukushima nuclear -- has ...

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Dr. Amal Khashab on Feb 12, 2021

(1) When electricity goes out , all gas pumps can work on manual mode of operation. It may take longer time to fill a tank , but the option is exist.

(2) the similar situation of electricity goes out , is malfunction or  cyber attack on oil refineries preventing gas production ( source shutdown).

* That is the issue source absence for long time . 

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