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When will you have the first medium or heavy-duty battery electric truck in operation in your area?

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Industry Engagement Director, North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE)

Electric/hybrid MD & HD commercial trucks are just entering the marketplace. With over 3 decades of experience introducing new technologies to the trucking industry, it is a pleasure to be...

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NACFE and RMI are working with truck fleets and utilities on learning the best steps towards electrification as well as determining best practices. We would love to learn along with you as deployments happen in your area. See for 13 deployments that we will be sharing in real time this fall.

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I am not sure although, every country needs to revisit the ‘Roadmap for the future’ following this unexpected pandemic which has hit the global economy pretty badly.  Regaining even 50% of the economy of 2019 (before Covid-19) would consume some time.  But, preparing the plan for the future with a certain stricter climate change target to different countries need to look at every sector of prospect to induce appreciable reduction in GHG, especially carbon dioxide. Countries like Bhutan and Costa Rica may be exempted as they are carbon neutral countries.  Automobile sector more importantly attracts a greater attention as commuting is pretty important not only for work (this may get considerably reduced with the digital functioning providing many benefits) but more importantly, goods transportation.  Although there have been efforts already initiated towards electric cars/two wheelers the demand for which would pick up sooner or later depending upon the strategic locations for ‘Recharge’ which is very important for the promotion to survive. The battery size, although looks smaller for these commodities, heavy duty electric trucks need not only a careful attention on the battery type/size, the crucial factor that needs greater attention is the strategic recharge locations as the journey needs to pass through tough terrain.  My guess therefore is that we need to perhaps wait for another five years from now (maybe 2025-26) before we see this option available in at least, India

David, Just like watching for the 1st birds of spring I watch for any new electric cars and trucks. About 2 years ago I saw some Smith all electric medium duty trucks delivering beverage cases to returaunt in my Chandler Az area. I have also seen some UPS Hybrid electric delivery trucks. 

    I have seen the new Tesla Semi delivering new Tesla cars in California but not in Arizona yet. The new Amazon electric trucks are out in Califorina too but no other cities yet.

    We also just had a full size trash truck that the city of Phoenix just got and showed it in operation. 

   Since many new trucks are finally getting produced and delivered I am sure we will see many more in 2021 and next year in 2022. 

    It's hard to believe that there were hundreds in the early 1900's delivering Milk and other oroducts door to door.  

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David Schaller on Mar 24, 2022


The 2022 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis was a gold mine of EV trucks. There were OEM's that I had never heard of previously. Others brought EVs that I had seen in magazines, but not in person. Navistar and Lion Electric not only had their EVs in their booths, but also in other booths with different styles of bodies on the back of the trucks. Brightdrop, Lightning eMotors, Ford, Bollinger, Blue Arc, Cenntro, ELMS, and so many more. The industry is changing rapidly,

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