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Where to Find Transmission Projects Listings?

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Hi members 

Does anyone knows where to find a project list for transmission?  i am doing a research in regards to the Transmission Miles that will be constructed in the US and the operating ones. 

Thank you so much

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This is actually pretty easy.  Each RTO (or ISO) has a ten year expansion plan for the grid.  The names are slightly different in each RTO - for example, PJM calls it their RTEP plan (Regional Transmission Expansion Plan) ,  MISO calls it their MTEP ,  SPP calls it their ITP, etc.  These are publicly available and are published every year. Not all projects in the plan are ever built. In fact, probably less than half come to fruition but, it is a plan that keeps evolving.

Between the EEI Projects At A Glance report (might be for members only, but should find older versions in a search) and the DOE site at, readers should have a good feel for transmission projects and spend in the past and future.  

I believe all of the ISO/RTO organizations have a transmission project posting very similar to the generation interconnection request queue posting that they maintain. You'd have to mine the date from the various websites.

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