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Are you also seeing problems with pigeons in substations causing shutdowns?

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  • Mar 30, 2022

We are facing problems with pigeons in our substations, they are causing shutdowns.  do you also have problems with birds in your substations?  how are you working on this problem?

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Pigeons are not so much an issue but crows and other animal contact in substations are a big problem. Manitoba Hydro and other Canadian utilities have started to use Greenjacket covers in the substations. Link

Hi Carlos, Unfortunately, we have seen this problem with wildlife and especially Avian wildlife that can do a lot of damage to our substations if not kept in check; here is a friendly link I think might help:

Several HI frequency bird repellents can also work well.

Dr. McGarvey

I’m retired, so I don’t go into substations anymore.  But animals causing outages is not a new issue—squirrels are a problem, for example.

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Carlos Sousa on Mar 31, 2022

yes, in each region there can be a wild animal that can have an accident and cause shutdowns... in our case pigeons have already become a threat both in urban and rural substations

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