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August 17th is National Nonprofit Day-- what nonprofits do your organization support and in what ways?

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  • Aug 17, 2021

August 17th is known as National Nonprofit Day, and there are many great ways to recognize and celebrate

As pillars of the communities in which they serve, it's quite common for utilities to support local nonprofits-- from donations to volunteering to sponsoring clothing/food/money drives, and many more. These are some of the more important ways a company can positively impact the region around them, though as this recent Energy Central post highlighted there are always considerations about making sure specific organizations the utility supports don't send political messages.

So, I wanted to kickstart a conversation around it:

What nonprofit organizations does your utility or organization support, and in what ways? Why is it important for your organization to do so?

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If you believe we should be striving for work/life integration instead of balance, then dedicating your time to non-profits that blend your "day job" with your desire to make an impact is the way to go.  Our industry needs more innovation and startups, so donating your time to an organization that helps entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses is a good thing for society, and a good thing for our industry.

Check out new climate incubator Third Derivative (  If you're experienced in the climate or utilities space - particularly those who pair some entrepreneurial chops with industry expertise - we remain on the lookout for more mentors!

Closer to home, Carnegie Mellon University's Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship has a strong group of mentors donating "office hours" to local entrepreneurs and is also on the lookout for others who can help contribute (

Helping innovators in our space grow and launch businesses creates a virtuous cycle for our industry.  Let's all do our part to ensure we find new, creative, and equitable solutions to our many intractable challenges! 

We support Essential Partners ( This is a fabulous organization that focuses on conflict resolution and training people how to see other perspectives and facilitate the coming together of diverse groups with very different opinions and beliefs. To combat climate change and the inequities that it will create, we all need to work together which means we need organizations such as Essential Partners to help us pierce the divide and work constructively together. 

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