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What is the capital cost associated with inverters that meet the 2030.5 standard?

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  • May 26, 2021

I'm hoping to get help from the DER community...

SunSpec issued a list of inverters that meet the 2030.5 standard.


I'm trying to get a sense of the cost for an upgrade. I've read the cost is about $150 above the cost for a normal inverter. I'm hoping to understand the cost as a percentage of the total solar install. $/KW would be the most ideal.


Does anyone have any resources I can read to get up to speed? 


"Products certified by SunSpec to the 2030.5 standard for wide area communication can be installed on sites connected to California Investor Owned Utilities and have the confidence in their compatibility with local area communication protocols like the freely available SunSpec Modbus Standards."

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I doubt that inverter manufacturers or solar installers are sharing this information.  However, you might get some useful direction from Tom Tansy at SunSpec.  You can find him on LinkedIn.

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