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Is there a national database of the retail utilities serving every city?

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  • Jan 25, 2023

There is data available on utility reliability (EIA 861), and we know about utility headquarters.  Is anyone aware of a national database that shows every city served by every retail electric utility?  I'm looking for an easier answer before we do the hard work of researching 100s of utilities and cities served.  

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Hi David:

I'm not aware of a national database, so I did a couple of web-searches. There are at least some states that have electric utility service area maps. 

For instance, California (my home state) has one. Start at this site:

The above linked site dives you a choice of Arc GIS, PDF Maps or interactive Web maps. It started with the Web Maps but couldn't make it work properly. Thus, I went to the PDF Maps, and it popped up a page of choices, and one of the first ones was Electric Utility Service Areas, which I clicked on, and it brought up a large map. The largest utilities (by area) were color coded. Smaller utilities showed the outline of the utility, filled in with a contrasting color, and either a name in the service area or nearby. The smallest utilities were grouped, but had the names of utilities for each group. I zoomed in, but even the highest zoom didn't provide any additional details.

Good Luck


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David Cox on Feb 22, 2023

John, thank you.  It seems like a lot of our work does get down to a state-by-state exercise.  We also do a good amount of GIS work, so starting with PUC / commission maps is not a bad way to go if we can find them.  Appreciate the input.  

Counties are in the 861 Service Territory file.

I don’t know of any source by city.

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David Cox on Feb 22, 2023

Paul, we do use the county information.  It makes me think, however that one further thing we could do is assume that all of the cities in the county are served by the utility(ies), and check for overlap.  I appreciate your comment.  

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Paul Garcia on Feb 23, 2023

I wonder if NARUC tracks this information already and would make their list accessible.

If municipal utilities are the focus, I suggest starting with the American Public power Association ( I believe that every municipal electric utility is a member. These municipal utilities are the retail provider in most cases. For retail providers in deregulated markets, you might want to try the Retail Energy Supply Association (

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David Cox on Feb 22, 2023

Michael, thank you.  I've submitted a question to APPA and will let you know if that is a successful route to the data!  


Interested in this for not only USA but a few other countries too.

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