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How do State Regulators in the West comment on Resource Adequacy Plans from the Utilities?

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  • Dec 15, 2022

Listening in on a Western Resource Adequacy Task Force, I understood that the utilities/LSEs/TOs/etc. were working on a resource adequacy plan that would then be approved by the Western Markets Executive Committee, which is made up of some of the same task force members and other utilities, but no state regulators.  In SPP, the Regional State Committee approves/disapproves resource adequacy.  I understand that is a state role nationwide, so I am curios to know when this happens in the west and how.

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The California PUC is responsible for resource adequacy in California so you should look to their proceedings for opportunities to comment. One resource adequacy process that I highly recommend is used in Ontario with the IESO taking the lead. You can read the latest IESO Resource Adequacy Report here (note the focus on acquiring "grid services")

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Matthew Alvarado on Jan 4, 2023

Thanks Richard.

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