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Green Hydrogen to the US

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Hello Community, 

My company is working to bring a new storage technology to North America. It based on green hydrogen produced from Solar/Wind generation technology that is stored in a Hydrite membrane. I've been wondering what the regulatory requirements will be to get this here in the US. I know the system will have to be UL certified at least. I'm an wondering what some of the national regulations might be that we run into. I did some searches on different topics be decided to just ask. What are some of the federal, state, and local regulations that we might run into with a hydrogen battery storage solution.

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National Fire Protection Association standards contain a wealth of information. Typically, the NFPA standards are invoked by state and local entities, but in general provide sound guidance - see

The National Electric Code also provides relevant information - see NFPA70-2017.

For more process industry related standards, see American Petroleum Institute,

Implementation/enforcement of regulations (Federal, state, and local) generally happens at the local level.  As Jim Stack noted below, the requirements can vary depending on where you choose to locate. You can have numerous permit issues to worry about including zoning, environmental, health and safety.  As you look at prospective locations, try to get a feel for the requirements in each area.  A good City or County may have one point of contact where you can address all the requirements of that area.

The rules may vary by area. I think you should apply and see what they request. Then compare the rules in each area. Let us know what you learn. This is very new and you could be a pioneer in this area. 

You will likely need to work with and comply with local fire regulations, inspections and certifications. I recommend you investigate what Lithium Battery Storage suppliers are required to do in order to get a permission to operate from local authorities. Good Luck 

You could start by looking at existing projects already proposed: see Intermountain Power Project. Obviously the particular technology you propose may have different regulatory requirements, but looking at what others are already doing in the same space is a great place to start your research. Good luck!

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