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Business model of Pumped Storage Projects

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  • May 20, 2021

My understanding is that business model for a PSP can be a mix of Ahead-of-Meter and Behind-the-Meter applications,

  1. Behind the Meter - integration with RE sources to ensure dispatchability to an otherwise infirm generation source; and
  2. Ahead of Meter
    1. Energy Arbitrage/ Peaking Supply, either as short term merchant services or dedicated to a utility to optimize its demand supply management
    2. Ancillary Services
    3. T&D Congestion Management

and, potentially many more services and more importantly, a wide range of combination of such services over days/ seasons.

I am looking for a real life case to understand how a particular PSP is contracting such services and the corresponding revenue model. I understand that the underlying power market structure will also have a bearing on the contracting strategy and to that extent a case study from a regulated market will be extremely pertinent. Any public reading material is also welcome.

Thanks. Shatanshu Agrawal


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