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Any recommendations of cyber security measures over mobile network?


If recent news reports have taught us anything it is that detecting and thwarting a determined, well-funded government sponsored hacker is difficult if not impossible.  However, there are steps that can be taken at the device level to significantly increase the level of security.  The first and most obvious is password security.  Access to the device and password gives any user with this knowledge the same ability as a legitimate user.  Strong and frequently changing passwords go a long way toward increasing device security.  Another vulnerability is device spoofing.  It is important to disable WiFi on devices that access sensitive systems.  It is much harder to spoof a device using a cellular network. 

Data encryption provides an added level of security an should be used.  For increased network security routing traffic over a VPN can be effective but is likely to reduce bandwidth and battery life.  Malware will negate all these measures. So, limiting the ability of users to upload apps and unauthorized software should be avoided unless the software is vetted and authorized by IT.

These steps will help provide an increased level of mobile security.  

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