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What is the most basic data diode?

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  • Mar 18, 2021

What is the most basic data diode, I want one for the output of a span port, just pass the ethernet frames, I don't want any configuration or setup.  Could this be done with a cleaver cable?

Asked by: - Analyst, Seattle City and Light

This question was posed during a recent Energy Central PowerSession: Data Diodes 101: Protecting the Grid with Hardware

The PowerSession was so lively and packed with great information that the panelists were not able to address all the questions live, so we thought we would bring the question into the community. By posting the question in the community, anyone can follow the Q&A and or even participate.

In case you missed the live event, you can access the on-demand recording by following this link

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Diodes can be used for low-demand occasions, and "ideal diodes" based on nmos should be used for high-demand occasions. One is that the loss of itself is too large and it generates heat. The second is that the diode cannot share current, the higher the temperature, the greater the current passing through.

It is possible to set-up a data diode to pass all packets without any inspection or filtering.  Owl offers a software build that runs on most of our commercial platforms which is was developed specifically to work on the SPAN port from a switch or router.  This configuration is often used with SIEM or IDS sensors where you want to deliver raw network traffic to the sensor without giving it direct access to the network.  When you use a mature data diode platform to provide this one-way transfer, you get the benefit of reliable data delivery along with logging and alert options to handle any errors.

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