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How do we ensure protection and recovery from a hack, intended damage or solar flare that fries the electronics on an outside server?

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  • Mar 18, 2021

As we become more digital how do we insure protection and recovery from a hack on or intended damage to your outside server or a solar flare that fries the electronics. Are there  analogue hard wired tier 2 systems to get units back on line until the digital units can be replaced.

Asked by: - Advisory Specialist, SGRE

This question was posed during a recent Energy Central PowerSession: Data Diodes 101: Protecting the Grid with Hardware

The PowerSession was so lively and packed with great information that the panelists were not able to address all the questions live, so we thought we would bring the question into the community. By posting the question in the community, anyone can follow the Q&A and or even participate.

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As you correctly point out in your question, a hack or electromagnetic impact on a diode will typically only cause harm on one side of the diode, the optical gap and galvanic separation will typically protect the other proxy server.  We do offer a high-availability option that can switch to a hot standby system in the event of a proxy server failure.  Some customers also keep a pre-configured standby system on-hand that they can quickly drop-in after a failure. 

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