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Where are you going to get your next generation of employees and how are you going to pass along tribal knowledge?

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I think that I am going to get our next generation of employees through potentially providing co-op/internship opportunities, provide STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) exposure activities to our K-12 students, and pass along tribal knowledge to our younger (or next generation of) professionals. 

Since the community is celebrating Veterans Day this week, it would be great to hear about any programs our fellow members have implemented to help veterans transition from the military into careers in the power industry.   

We have a great intern program that has yielded great talent. Successful passing along tribal knowledge has to be in job descriptions and goals and be a component of the annual review process.

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Audra Drazga on Nov 11, 2021

Thomas this is great.  Do you actively go to college fairs to help recruit interns?

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