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How are utilities showing gratitude to their employees, given that today (March 5th) is National Employee Appreciation Day?

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  • Mar 5, 2021

The first Friday of March is known as Employee Appreciation Day, which is when companies and organizations "thank their employees for their hard work and effort throughout the year. This day was created for the purpose of strengthening the bond between employer and employee."

I'm sure most employers would agree that this appreciation has never been more relevant than it has after the past year that we've all endured, so I'd love to ask the Energy Central Community: 

  • What are you doing today to show employees your appreciation?
  • How do you recognize their hard work throughout the year? 
  • Why is thanking your employees so important to you? 

Let's share ideas in the answers below and make sure employees across the utility sector know they are seen, heard, recognized, and appreciated!

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What are you doing today to show employees your appreciation?  By letting how much they are appreciated and why.  We make this a daily practice.  Sometimes we sent e-cards, gift certificates or send flowers.  The thank you is the most important one!

How do you recognize their hard work throughout the year? The manager picks up the phone to personally thank them.  We send ecards, articles that are of interest on different topics that they are involved in, gift certificates and flowers

Why is thanking your employees so important to you?   It shows that they are being recognized and appreciated for a job well done!

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