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The Biggest Hurdle-- Is the candidate driven market over?

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  • Mar 8, 2021

Is the candidate driven market over? I know firsthand that finding talent has not been the challenge. The biggest hurdle and or challenge has been in HR/Recruiting in finding quality candidates. Finding quality candidates with the skill set is just one aspect of HR/Recruiting. Having the candidate pass the background check, safety certifications, site specifics, drug screen, behavior or skill assessments and salary requirements is the other set of criteria that all equate to a quality candidate or a good hire. 

I would like to know what your HR/Recruiting organization is experiencing in finding quality vs quantity and share your findings with the community. What strategies are working to locate quality candidates inside your company. 

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The labor market is very tight, and increasingly difficult to find a number of qualified candidates for professional positions.  Candidates have grown accustomed to having greater flexibility and if the culture at your company is not conducive to that arrangement, candidates will stay at a position for that reason, even if the position provides upward mobility.   Word of mouth and use of professional networking has proven more effective than traditional advertising and recruitment tactics.

Kevin, as a utility industry recruiter I am finding the job market to be very healthy and robust.  Covid didn't slow hiring down too much in our industry but it has picked up recently.  I am seeing there are several viable candidates with utility experience for most of the positions I recruit for.  Some clients can be slow to make a decision on a candidate, and sometimes they lose out on great candidates. 



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