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Suitability of Research Software Programs for Real Systems Applications ?

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  • Jun 10, 2020

Power Systems analysis tools such as software programs can be built and published everywhere. Usually, they consider typical simplified models of power systems ( mainly IEEE) as demonstration systems.

My Question:

On applying this software to the existing real power systems, what are the anticipated problems that prevent operation?

Thanks in advance.

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In the past some issues have revolved around scalability. Running on the simplistic IEEE cases does not necessarily translate well into 150,000 to 200,000 bus models. There are size constraints, solution issues, and data file size concerns. Also, the complexity of models is becoming greater and greater. With the inclusion of complex control systems for inverter based resources, there are definitely some solution issues that occur when one moves from the IEEE models to full blown power system representations.

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Dr. Amal Khashab on Jun 24, 2020


Even for 15000-200000 buses actual networks, there are well-recognized techniques for reduction to a suitable size conserving the main characters of generation units.

How far is the result of this aggregate model from reality? How is the consistency between measured quantities of the real system and the simulated results of this model?

The entire world is moving towards digitalization.  Energy sector is no exception.  In fact, this is going to be highly production if we can incorporate.  The research software in my opinion would provide information that is not possible otherwise on vital issues relating to even climate change apart from other emissions.  When this is supplemented with the distribution and transmission system, we will perhaps do a great job hither to unknown to the world on fine tuning our systems which is indeed essential.

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