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Has your company ever used exoskeletons?

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Hi guys, I hope you all are well...
I recently saw this video from the French distribution company Enedis:
This is an R&D project to develop an exoskeleton to assist in electrical system maintenance activities.
I would like to know if you know of other companies that are developing similar projects or that already use exoskeletons in field activities.
I would also like to know your opinion regarding the use of this technology.

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maybe it's not about developing exoskeletons, it's about exosuits

The exoskeleton right now is probably best for construction work - both overhead and underground in areas where the system is de-energized. There are issues with using something that probably has a conductive frame in maintenance of live lines. Even if you don't touch the lines, Electro-magnetic fields are going to induce some current and some heating in those conductive areas. The hand portions tend to extend the length and width of the hands meaning learning new reflexes and safety distances for the line worker. 


Love the idea, but it will take very careful thinking about safety, materials, stopping motions, acceleration, what to do if the exoskeleton power fails under load and other factors before they are ready to test in the field. I am following the work being done by the military and others with great interest. 

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Carlos Sousa on Jun 11, 2021

Doug, thanks.
I agree with you that at this first moment it would be interesting to use exoskeletons to work on off systems.
However, it is necessary to think about issues such as the use of "stick maneuver" who here has ever had to operate one?
I imagine exoskeleton solutions for electric utilities must consider non-conductive materials.
I understand that as the workforce ages it will be increasingly necessary to think about these devices.

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