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The Generation Professionals Group is for utility professionals who work in biomass, coal, gas/oil, hydro, natural gas, or nuclear power generation fields. 

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Gas Generation Phaseout

The US currently generates more than 500,000,000 Megawatt-hours, or approximately 25% of electric utility annual electricity...

US Coal Phaseout

“By 2030 in the United States, we won’t have any coal.”, John Kerry, Climate Czar

Top Group Members

Charley Rattan's picture

Charley — 205 posts

World Hydrogen Leader, Charley Rattan Associates

Matt Chester's picture

Matt — 75 posts

Energy Analyst, Chester Energy and Policy

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Aasem — 52 posts


Dan Yurman's picture

Dan — 27 posts

Editor & Publisher, NeutronBytes, a blog about nuclear energy

Brian Wang's picture

Brian — 26 posts

Independent Writer, nextbigfuture

Pat Remick's picture

Pat — 25 posts

Senior Energy Communications Strategist, NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL

Newest Members of Group

Ria Kiayia's picture

Ria joined 1 day ago

Digital Media & PR Marketing Executive, marcus evans

Jamie Saunders's picture

Jamie joined 2 days ago

Parnter, CNK Solutions Corporation

Sameh Batroukh's picture

Sameh joined 2 days ago

Program Manager, Bruce Power

Brad Duguid's picture

Brad joined 2 days ago

Principal, Brad Duguid Consulting

Zachary Franklin's picture

Zachary joined 3 days ago

Student, Purdue University

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Rick joined 3 days ago

Partner, Triumphus

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Episode #65: 'Taking Small Modular Reactors From Hype To Reality In Ontario' With Robin Manley, Ontario Power Generation [an Energy Central Power Perspectives™ Podcast]

Podcast / Audio - Energy Central -

To foster the clean energy transition, the power sector has been seeking out all the carbon-free generation sources possible. Existing nuclear plants have long held a key role in providing clean energy to the grid, but North America has largely..

Advanced Welding Techniques for Nuclear Power Plant Construction

This article talks about the concept and advantages of employing some advanced welding techniques in nuclear power plant construction in which it can provide cost savings and flexibility as well as increasing the deposition welding rate and weld..

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