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Introducing Energy Central Podcast and Our Inaugural Episode Featuring Dan Yurman - [an Energy Central Power Perspectives™ Podcast]

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The ‘Energy Central Power Perspectives™ Podcast’ features conversations with thought leaders in the utility sector. At least twice monthly, we connect with an Energy Central Power Industry...

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  • Dec 10, 2019

Energy Central is thrilled to announce that we’re finally getting into the podcast arena with our inaugural podcast series “Energy Central Power Perspectives™ Podcast.” With this first podcast series, we’re hoping to take some of the best and most engaging content already submitted to the Energy Central community and bring it to life with lively conversations that allow us to dig in deeper and really get to the heart of the issues that matter to utilities, the spirited energy debates, and the topics that will shape the sector moving forward.

To preview what you can expect from this podcast, we'll be looking for the authors of the most insightful articles and the members with most impactful voices within the Energy Central community and we'll invite them to discuss further so we can dive even deeper into these compelling topics. Each week we’ll connect with a new contributing member of the Energy Central community who submitted a piece of thought-provoking content or started a discussion that really resonated with our members and invite them to expand on their perspective and tell the deeper story in their own words via lively and purpose-driven dialogue about the state of energy today and tomorrow. So, for anyone posting in the community, be prepared because you may be the next one asked to join the podcast stage to discuss your work, your ideas, and your perspective!

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The Energy Central Power Perspectives™  Podcast is hosted by Jason Price, Community Ambassador of Energy Central. Jason is a recent NYSERDA scholar and NYU Clean Tech diploma recipient, having worked extensively in a multi-owner, utility-scale microgrid business model. Jason is joined in the podcast booth by the producer of the podcast, Matt Chester, who is also the Community Manager of Energy Central and energy analyst/independent consultant in energy policy, markets, and technology.  

Diving into our first episode, we gladly welcome esteemed community member and Energy Central expert Dan Yurman. For any of you who have spent time around the Energy Central platform, you’re likely already familiar with Dan’s prolific work in the community. He’s a nuclear energy guru, with a career that’s spanned multiple continents over the course of 40 years, with stops at Idaho National Lab, Bechtel, Rockwell Automation, and NASA. Today, Dan actively shares his insights on nuclear power and the wider energy sector through his posts on EnergyCentral.com, his blog Nuetron Bytes, and his Twitter feed @djysrv.

While any number of Dan’s content would be worth discussing, we pulled him into this episode thanks to his annual posting of “Dan’s Idaho Nuclear Chili Recipe.” As we’re nestled into two of the biggest food-related holidays of the year, Dan’s chili recipe had us drooling and its connection to the nuclear industry was both fascinating and gave us a fun segue to discuss the state of nuclear power across several different nations and the role nuclear energy will play in a constantly evolving grid.

Listen to hear the full story and Dan’s perspective on the role nuclear plays today in different areas across the globe and how that role will change moving forward.


If you want to be a guest on a future episode of the Energy Central Power Perspectives™ Podcast, let us know! We’ll be pulling guests from our community members who submit engaging content that gets our community talking, and perhaps that next guest will be you! Likewise, if you see an article submitted by a fellow Energy Central community member that you’d like to see broken down in more detail in a conversation, feel free to send us a note to nominate them.  For more information, contact us at community@energycentral.com. Podcast interviews are free for Expert Members and professionals who work for a utility.  We have package offers available for solution providers and vendors. 

Lastly, this official Energy Central podcast represents our dive into the podcast format as we’ve noticed an increasing number of our community members submitting their own podcasts to the site and readers seeking out these great new ways to consume relevant utility content. If you want to submit your podcast to Energy Central and maybe even get featured in a future special newsletter on the best podcasts in the Energy Central community, get started by using the "Add a Resource: Podcast / Audio" option

Happy listening, and stay tuned for episode #2 next week! Like what you hear, have a suggestion for future episodes, or a question for our guest? Leave a note in the comments below.


All new episodes of the Energy Central Power Perspectives™  Podcast will be posted to the relevant Energy Central community group, but you can also subscribe to the podcast at all the major podcast outlets, including:

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Bob Meinetz's picture
Bob Meinetz on Dec 10, 2019

Looking forward to it Matt, and a great debut!

A warning, however: Though Dan's nuclear chili is not radioactive, consumption may result in emissions with a half-life of several days.

Matt Chester's picture
Matt Chester on Dec 10, 2019

Thanks for the encouragement, Bob!

And to your comment on Dan's chili, let me just say: 

Jason Price's picture
Jason Price on Dec 10, 2019

A huge thanks to Dan Yurman for his extensive nuclear industry insight and, of course, his chili recipe. Thanks to all the Energy Central readers for pushing his article to the top in reader popularity. I am thrilled to host the Energy Central "Insights" podcast and a big kudos to the Energy Central team for launching this program. 

Matt Chester's picture
Matt Chester on Dec 10, 2019

Couldn't be happier to have you guiding this podcast ship, Jason!

Rami Reshef's picture
Rami Reshef on Dec 11, 2019

Thanks Dan for sharing your deep knowledge about the nuclear industry, very interesting podcast! It is especially interesting to think about the hybrid projects you mention where various renewable energy sources can be deployed near one another so as to offer complementary advantages and work together cumulatively to reduce emissions across the board.

Dan Yurman's picture
Dan Yurman on Dec 11, 2019

The Chili recipie is found here with 2,780 page views so far.  It also makes important distinctions between beer for cooking and beer for drinking.  Enjoy.



Colin Megson's picture
Colin Megson on Dec 15, 2019

I’m 81 years old and in a tearing hurry to get nuclear power on the way to dominating energy supply to mitigate the C in CAGW, for the sake of my children and grandchildren. And I have ‘seen the light’ – yet I am a lone voice in the wilderness, because:

Dan Yurman, Michael Schellenberer and all the rest of the nuclear industry’s top communicators, in and on the main media and social media, seem completely oblivious to the 2 most significant developments in the nuclear industry that have the potential to bring about a resurgence of nuclear power by 2030, that will be irresistible.

The first game-changer will have those drooling, pseudo-green, quick-buck pension fund managers breaking the doors down to get their money out of renewables and into GE-Hitachi's BWRX-300 Small Modular Reactors [SMRs]. By 2030, they'll be at the factory manufacturing stage, with a 2 year on-site build programme and a capital cost competitive to gas.

Site work on the first one will commence in 2025, for the breakers to be thrown in 2027, at a capital cost 60% below that of 'big nuclear'. By 2030, the capital cost will be down to US$2,000/kW and available for manufacture under licence in the UK, to provide us with 300 MW nuclear power plants [npps] at a capital cost of £468 million. At Sizewell in the UK, 11 such SMRs, built in series, with earnings from 2 years onward, would fit exactly within that site boundary and would cost £5.2 billion – that’s less than1/3rd of what we expect to pay for EDF's planned EPRs.

This uniquely simple npp, using significantly less materials per MW than any npp that has ever been designed and is ever likely to be designed, will change the nuclear power landscape forever. It will become the workhorse of low-carbon electricity generation, as ubiquitous as coal fired power stations were in their heyday.

The second ground-shaker is the conclusions reached by the USA's NRC, that the Emergency Planning Zones for SMRs need extend no further than the boundary fence of the tiny sites. Succinctly expressed by Dr James Conca in an August article in Forbes:

"...the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission just agreed that any emergencies that could possibly occur at a small modular nuclear power plant probably won’t even get past the fence..........No need to come up with huge evacuation plans for nearby cities or anyone living near the plant, like we did for older plants. You can just stand there at the fence and watch what’s going on...".

In the hand-in-glove world of Capitalism and Politics, this is how it will work: The pension fund managers will pile into BWRX-300 expansion; the politicians will follow the money; the utterly uninterested/disinterested UK public will be told: "nuclear power is now safe and cheap, we're going to get rid of all of this renewables rubbish, and your electricity will all come from nuclear in future".

There will be a palpable shrugging of millions of shoulders, an audible rumbling of millions of TV remotes in operation, all will be peaceful on the nuclear front, we’ll be paying 1/3rd as much to boil our kettles and the money we save will be for our own lifestyle choices.

Search for: “remember the name. it will change your life”

Dan Yurman's picture
Dan Yurman on Dec 16, 2019

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