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In response to the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, what are some of the practices you're having to change or implement in the energy efficiency sector?

Those energy advocates, utility workers, and service providers who focus on energy efficiency may be particularly impacted by the current situation caused by the Coronavirus and associated calls for social distancing and quarantines. For example, the energy efficiency industry that has often had a presence in the homes of customers (e.g., for energy audits or to install equipment), the paradigm of customers embracing efficiency programs that utilized smart equipment to reduce power loads when they left the house, and more. 

As you and your organizations adjust to the current situation with an uncertain timeline moving forward, what best practices are you enacting? Specifically, some questions I'd love to see input on include: 

  • With your company suddenly thrust into a work-from-home structure, what tools and practices are you using to ensure productivity continues as best as possible? 
  • What strategies are you implementing to aid customers during this challenging time? 
  • How are you reassuring both employees and customers about safety and health as a top priority?
  • Are there new approaches you're looking to take in the coming weeks and months as the standard daily power load shifts based on people working from home and staying at home all day?

Share your responses, resources, or even additional questions below!


Matt Chester

Community Manager of Energy Central


Keeping your trade allies engaged is one of the approaches I would suggest. Especially, those working residential programs. As they are mostly small businesses, they depend on efficiency programs to generate revenue. With the current market disruption, they are concerned with keeping their doors open and making payroll. Now would be a good time to remind them that the efficiency programs are still open and funds are available for new projects.

Matt Chester's picture
Matt Chester on Mar 24, 2020 4:20 pm GMT

Great advice, Michael. But do you see any challenges in getting those new projects up and running before a sense of normalcy is restored? Especially projects that would require the installation of equipment in person?

Michael Stockard's picture
Michael Stockard on Mar 24, 2020 5:34 pm GMT

Going forward, I think, normal is going to be relative. Even though we are sheltering in place, exceptions are being made for electrical, plumbing and HVAC contractors to go do work in customers homes. Locally, there is  an electrical contractor advertising a "no contact" service call.  Trade allies will have to be creative in promoting their services. 

Matt Chester's picture
Matt Chester on Mar 24, 2020 9:31 pm GMT

Going forward, I think, normal is going to be relative

Too true!

Thanks for the effort of our government, the spread of coconavirus is limited here, so not that much work from home situation at Taiwan. And we are new at this market, so I try to contact as many customer as I could, since some of them need to work from home, so they might have time to think whether they need to introduce a new supplier after the ease of the coronavirus.

This situation has definitely changed the landscape of day to day activities. We at Energy Design Engineers have changed to a virtual meeting platform as many have. Our ultimate goal at this time is to educate facility owners, who may be experiencing downtime, on the value of energy waste reduction through IIot and how it affects facility wellness. 

Great time to educate yourself on new supplier products and techniques used to convey value and benefit that ultimately will maximize energy waste, properly implemented.

We look forward to getting back to business as usual, in the meantime, we will take advantage of opportunity to share how facility owners/managers can reduce energy waste with little to no money out of pocket by implementing utility incentives, engineering and financial tools to design the most energy efficient use of resources as possible. 

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