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How about creating an Energy Central group "Decision Making"?

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Rafael Herzberg- is an independent energy consultant, self-employed (since 2018) based in São Paulo, Brazil* Focus on C level, VPs and upper managers associated to energy related info, analysis...

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  • Jun 22, 2022

One of the most important aspects for industrial, commercial and institutional energy users is the way they decide about energy consumption and energy contracting.

How do they go for well informed decisions?
What'a at stake?
What are their options?

My suggestion is focusing in this group, to be created, on decision making processes. 

In my professional experience as an independent energy consultant, I recognize that decision making process is one of the most important factors associated with what companies and instituions do. 

Your comments about this proposal is more than welcome!


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We can pick the best code from the already existing practices and pool it for future course of correction /application under " Best Practices". 

No doubt that this is a wonderful idea by the Energy Central Group. In my opinion, there are already well established institutions helping the Governments towards this goal.  Given the background of the geographical differences, one cannot enforce a uniform code for every country.  The best that one could do is to synthesize the already existing practices and pick the best options and pool it for future course of correction /application. 

You would also appreciate that the current situation subsequent to COP26 commitment has gone hay wire with the Ukraine war pouring unwarranted emissions into the atmosphere so much so that the larger equation has already transformed into more complicated challenge.

Energy consumption for various purposes at home (lighting, computers, Heating etc.) as well as the industrial consumption patterns vary considerably from country to country.  Most of the energy consumption of an individual household indicated awareness and practice of energy efficiency option in every instrument used by them.  They have benefited from this as well.

If a similar approach is extended to the industries / institutions, there would be greater implications on the pattern of energy consumption.  This would involve many players like equipment manufacturers, users and even the regulators.  More importantly, this would rely greatly on the cultural pattern of each country as well.

However, these exercises may be offset as the globe is moving towards ‘Digitalization’ which demands not only extra electricity but also an uninterrupted supply as well.  Many new gadgets are being added every year in the domestic sector as well as industrial sector. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have already impacted the society and industry directing a different future in the days ahead.

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Rafael Herzberg on Jun 27, 2022

We are synchronized!

It would be great discussing decision making processes considering geographical differences and as well as similarities! In my experience the rite is basically the same (get high quality info, analyse it, craft alternatives, evaluate advantages, disadvantages and associated risks and the go for well informed decisions. The differences are always there and could be perhaps identified as "boundary conditions".

I hope we are able to create this group here at EC!

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A. K. Shyam, PhD on Jun 28, 2022

Thanks so much Dr. Herzberg and please count me in.  Regards

HI Rafael, I support this proposal. DER is becoming increasingly important because for its various roles that one way or another affect the grid, in particular, reinforcing the grid through supply augmentaion or demand response. The contracting and associated decision processes as undertaken by ICRs is an important subject worth developing futher.

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Rafael Herzberg on Jun 29, 2022

Hi Afshin, I really hope we can make this group happen. Let's keep in touch!

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