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This group brings together the best thinkers on energy and climate. Join us for smart, insightful posts and conversations about where the energy industry is and where it is going.

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Dan — 994 posts

Editor & Publisher, NeutronBytes, a blog about nuclear energy

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David — 362 posts

Chief Climate Change Adviser, Shell International Ltd.

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Christine — 268 posts

Principal Technical Leader, Cyber Security Strategic Initiative, Electric Power Research Institute

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Ignacio — 219 posts

Professor of Electrical Engineering, Comillas University

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Energy — 215 posts

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Rafael — 193 posts

Consultant energy affairs, Self employed

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Shyam joined 2 days ago

Emissions Analyst, Self employed

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Steven joined 2 days ago

Vice President, Solutions, Energy Exemplar

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Dan joined 2 days ago

Principal, Aladaco Consulting Inc.

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Sean joined 2 days ago

Associate Programme Officer, IRENA

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Simon joined 2 days ago

Founder, Circulus Works

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Christopher joined 3 days ago

President, CG Lubeck Consulting

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Hawaiian Electric-Maui County Completes Donation of 2 Nissan Leafs to University of Hawaii Maui College EV Technician Training Program

This is a follow-up to the article originally posted on March 27, 2020 "Gregg Kresge of Hawaiian Electric: Profile of an Energy Central Innovation Champion" at
Greggory Kresge's picture
Electrification Of Transportation Project Delivery Manager
Hawaiian Electric

Member since 2020

Electrification Of Transportation Project Delivery Manager, Hawaiian Electric

Agility and Adaptability in any Energy Transition

This is the 2nd day of a three-day event organized by Siemens Energy exploring the Middle East and Africa perspectives bringing some of their clients together in a panel format to discuss specific issues. The theme of the day was innovation..
Paul Hobcraft's picture
Innovation Knowledge Provider
Agility Innovation

Member since 2020

Innovation Knowledge Provider, Agility Innovation

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